A divine and supernatural light by jonathan edwards

All things are delivered unto me of my Father: He lists four things that it is not: The mind being sensible of the excellency of divine objects, dwells upon them with delight. The ideas themselves that otherwise are dim and obscure, are by this means impressed with the greater strength, and have a light cast upon them, so that the mind can better judge of them.

Those convictions that natural men may have of their sin and misery, is not this spiritual and divine light. Yea, he may be affected with it without believing it, as well as a man may be affected with what he reads in a romance, or sees acted in a stage play. The conscience may even be assisted by the Spirit of God, but without any internal testimony.

If Christ should now appear to anyone as he did on the mount at his transfiguration. The mind of man is naturally full of prejudices against divine truth.

A Divine and Supernatural Light Immediately Imparted to the Soul by the Spirit of God

Is not my word like as a fire? Reason teaches that man was made to serve and glorify his Creator. What about my preference for all that is not God? In addition to this, it is shown that the doctrines of Scripture and their great truths are seen to be no human invention. But spiritual light is not that impression upon the imagination, but an A divine and supernatural light by jonathan edwards different thing.

He does this by demonstrating that it accords with both Scripture and good reason. Supposing that God never had spoken to the world, but we had notice that he was about to reveal himself from heaven, and speak to us immediately himself, or that he should give us a book of his own inditing: Now it was natural to observe, how it was not flesh and blood that had revealed it to him, but God.

A Divine And Supernatural Light

That Peter is pronounced blessed on this account. Hence, what I would make the subject of my present discourse from these words, is this DOCTRINE That there is such a thing as a spiritual and divine light, immediately imparted to the soul by God, of a different nature from any that is obtained by natural means.

The Word of God is no proper cause of this effect, but is made use of only to convey to the mind the subject matter of this saving instruction, and this indeed it does convey to us by natural force or influence.

They are capable of being taught by the Spirit of God, as well as learned men. For instance, he may excite thoughts in them, may assist their natural reason and understanding, or may assist other natural principles, and this without any union with the soul, but may act, as it were, upon an external object.

But sinners cannot approach the glory of God without being destroyed.


Why should not he that made all things, still have something immediately to do with the things that he has made? But the seeing of the excellency of the doctrine may be immediately from the Spirit of God, though the conveying of the doctrine or proposition itself may be by the Word.

Such a glory as, if clearly seen, does not leave room to doubt of their being of God, and not of men. They are caused to exist in the soul habitually, and according to such a stated constitution or law that lays such a foundation for exercises in a continued course, as is called a principle of nature.

Men by mere principles of nature are capable of being affected with things that have a special relation to religion as well as other things. This light gives a view of those things that are immensely the most exquisitely beautiful, and capable of delighting the eye of the understanding.

Observations on a Divine and Supernatural Light

Thus it is said of all in Israel that were wise-hearted, and skillful in embroidering, that God had filled them with the spirit of wisdom, Exo. It is no argument that there is no such thing as such a distinguishing excellency, or that it cannot be seen, because some do not see it, though they may be discerning men in temporal matters.

Because of this gospel alone does any sinner have access to the all-satisfying glory of Christ. There must be a divine work of illumination or awakening. It will turn the heart to God as the fountain of good, and to choose him for the only portion.

All that is natural. When a wise man speaks in the exercise of his wisdom, there is something in everything he says that is very distinguishable from the talk of a little child. I conclude therefore that the sin-bearing cross of Christ and the imputation of his righteousness through faith alone, and the supernatural work of regeneration are the indispensable divine works of salvation that usher us into the ultimate goal of God in creation: It is from the Spirit of God only as assisting natural principles, and not as infusing any new principles.

So, without doubt, and much more, is the speech of God to be distinguished from that of the wisest of men; agreeably to Jer. Banner of Truthpp. Doubtless, therefore, he that has had a clear sight of the spiritual glory of Christ, may say, I have not followed cunningly devised fables, but have been an eyewitness of his majesty, upon as good grounds as the apostle, when he had respect to the outward glory of Christ that he had seen.

The light that is obtained is wholly natural, or of no superior kind to what mere nature attains to, though more of that kind be obtained than would be obtained if men were left wholly to themselves.

He may be the more affected with it from the interest he conceives mankind to have in it.Jan 18,  · This sermon by Jonathan Edwards stresses the fact that a human being must be given this “Divine and Supernatural Light,” directly from God.

Jonathan Edwards emphasizes this divinely inspired knowledge by using biblical references. "A Divine and Supernatural Light, Immediately Imparted to the Soul by the Spirit of God, Shown to Be Both a Scriptural and Rational Doctrine," was preached by Jonathan Edwards in Northampton, Massachusetts in /5(7).

(2) Mode = the divine and supernatural and immediate light of the Spirit that (a) shines on the quality of God, showing or disclosing it to be what it truly is, (b) shines on the mind of the regenerate, overcoming prejudice and hindrances and granting a conviction of its truth, and (c) becomes one with regenerate in a sort of mystical union.

A Divine and Supernatural Light The Sermons of Jonathan Edwards () Today, many Christians are turning back to the puritans to, “walk in the old paths,” of God’s word, and to continue to proclaim old truth that glorifies Jesus Christ.

Jan 23,  · In “A Divine and Supernatural Light,” Jonathan Edwards describes the spiritual light as knowledge that is directly received from God and not from natural means such as rational thinking or physical sensation.

The Complete Works of Jonathan Edwards: Christ Exalted, Sinners in the Hands of the Angry God, A Divine and Supernatural Light, Christian Knowledge, On (59 Books With Active Table of Contents) - Kindle edition by Jonathan Edwards, Henry Rogers, Edward Hickman/5(13).

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A divine and supernatural light by jonathan edwards
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