A process of installing a nitrous kit into a car

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I am not sure if others are seeing the same fuel pressures as I am, but at idle I see 38 psi and then at 0 psi of boost it jumps to 41 psi fuel pressure and then 1 psi of additional fuel pressure for every lb of boost thereafter.

Nitrous Oxide is composed of 2 parts nitrogen and 1 part oxygen. I started with the The nitrous is not released until 4. Requiring little more than longer fasteners, plate systems are the most easily reversed systems as they need little to no permanent changes to the intake tract.

It only needs to be installed to monitor one bank, but as mentioned, it must be about two to three inches past where the individual pipes collect, before any catalytic converter, and at least ten inches before the outlet.

It appears the the Zex tries to keep the enrichment of fuel 10 psi over and above the OEM increase while in boost. Rear End Not unique to nitrous, but certainly a common failure on high horsepower cars, is the rear end.

Most vendors have such a device, which allows you to open the bottle electrically via a switch on your dash. Using nitrous is not a whole lot different from using a bigger carburetor, a better manifold, a supercharger, or a turbocharger — all are methods to increase the amount of oxygen available for combustion.

Connect this yellow wire to the coil negative either by splicing into the HEI connector or using a blue 10 ring terminal at the coil negative. Each cylinder can be set up separately and additional foggers can be added creating a dual stage kit.

Typically I will not spray in 1st or 2nd gear. I had no way of testing for increased fuel pressure with the bottle turned off. Fuel Pressure showed 59 psi with nitrous as opposed to 49 psi without. Any issues with these initial readings need to fixed before moving forward.

Dry[ edit ] In a dry nitrous system the nitrous delivery method provides nitrous only. Direct Port The ultimate setup, a port is tapped and threaded specifically for each cylinder, running eight nitrous and eight fuel lines to spray directly into the cylinders.

The NOS fuel pressure will need to be 6psi minimum. Nitrous oxide simply provides the oxygen you need to burn a greater quantity of fuel in the same time period; the overall effect is a tremendous increase in the total amount of energy, or power, released from the fuel and available for accelerating your vehicle.

I mounted it on a plastic panel just under the steering wheel. This filter is added in-line to your nitrous line, between the tank and the solenoid.

Running Nitrous Oxide in a VW

You can leave a response below or join our forum to discuss this article and car modification in detail with our members. Crank that puppy up! Most standard engines can cope with a 20 - 40 bhp shot.

How To Install a Nitrous Kit

You could also increase the coil voltage instead of decreasing the gap, but I think using a smaller gap would be preferential since the spark time will be smaller. The size of the fuel droplets is very important.Basic installation for both is four wires - Batt+, Batt- RPM and switched ignition, preferably dedicated.

A single-stage progressive nitrous controller is also built into both versions, eliminating the added expense of an external nitrous controller, leaving you more money for speed upgrades. Guide to Nitrous kits (NOS no2 nitrous oxide) setup and installation. Wet & dry kit differences.

Add more power to your car and how to set up the correct timing for Nitrous. Application in Drag racing street racing and track days. Nitrous Oxide is stored as a liquid under pressure and turns into a gas once it expands.

This expansion is referred to as boiling.

Nitrous oxide engine

Nitrous boils at * below zero. A nitrous oxide engine is an engine which requires oxygen for burning the fuel in order to create power (mainly stems from the decomposition of nitrous oxide (N 2. Nitrous Oxide (N 2 O, I'll call it "nitrous" here) is a non-flammable gas that's used for our purposes as a carrier for oxygen.

Mixed with the right proportions of fuel, and fed into the intake, it provides additional combustible material into the cylinders, hence more power.

Holley Super Sniper EFI Install – The Basics

The kit is a "Dry" type nitrous spray. A "Dry" kit does not install additional fuel injectors, the stock injectors are fired under more fuel pressure to add more fuel when the nitrous is flowing. The kit comes complete with everything needed to do a thorough install.

A process of installing a nitrous kit into a car
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