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Here the Pythia is quietly inspecting a dish, probably holding water, neither frenzied nor trance-like. This has gone along with the idea that she was just babbling incoherently and that the actual answers to questions posed to the Pythia were given by the manipulative priests. Since the words of the Pythia were Advanced english belonging essay questions to understand, the priests attending her wrote up the answer in verse and delivered it to the petitioner.

This was the last Persian effort to invade Greece. Inwhen De Boer told John Hale, an archaeologist at the University of Louisville, this led to a more careful investigation at Delphi. He had no idea who he was dealing with, and was defeated very swiftly indeed.

Now there have been recent developments. The Pythia, as with any traditional shaman, underwent preparatory practices of purification and concentration.

They looked at a cliff and just saw a cliff, when any educated geologist would immediately see a fault scarp. Each student also receives teaching in a variety of other ways, depending on the course.

They were disappointed with what they found, and their results only slowly became public. Alliterations are also created when the words all begin with the same letter.

Delphi already had such a reputation. An anagram for "debit card" is "bad credit". I had a student once who worked at the "Phidippides Sports Center," a sports supply store in Encino, California. You should not be afraid to defend your views or to suggest authors whose work you would particularly like to discuss.

While either frenzy or trance are possible from ethylene, and may well have occurred, the ordinary practice of the Oracle sounds like it is more what we see in this representation. Many modern representations of the Pythia have shown her raving, manic, and frenzied. An antithesis plays on the complementary property of opposites to create one vivid picture.

He or "Philippides" is mentioned by Herodotus as running to Sparta from Athens before the battle to ask for helpbut there is no account of the run from Marathon for many centuries.

A great kingdom had indeed fallen, namely his. They continue even today, and one can find oracles in Chinese temples around Southeast Asia.

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Whether they are words or phrases of the same sentence, an antithesis is used to create a stark contrast using two divergent elements that come together to create one uniform whole. Anagram is a form of wordplay that allows the writer to infuse mystery and a little interactive fun in the writing so that the reader can decipher the actual word on their own and discover a depth of meaning to the writing.

All along the Kerna Fault were natural springs, and the kind of rock nearby, and from the which temple itself was built, was travertine, which is formed from limestone interacting with gasses from geologically active waters.

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There is a sense of belonging, which can be harder to achieve in a larger setting, and a supportive environment for study and all sorts of other activities. We strongly recommend making the arrangements in plenty of time before the deadline.

I never really felt school spirit, but at my college I feel like I am part of one big team where people really cared about me as a person, not just as a statistic on a piece of paper. Lydia became part of Persia in But the tutorial is the place where all the elements of the course come together and make sense.

Read more about this in our examples of interview questions.Like your essay response, you should be working on crafting creative responses that you can apply to a number of questions or modify to meet different requirements.

Just as we can look for clues about the nature of the essay question in the rubric, so too can you find guidance about what aspect(s) of Belonging you may be asked to explore within.

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Paste in a bunch of text: Go. Similar Documents to HSC - Advanced English Belonging Essay (Band 5) Year 12 - English as a Second Language. HSC Belonging Essay - English as a second Language Question: Discuss the importance of belonging in shaping a person’s identity Year 12 - English (Advanced) An essay on Changing perspective in a changing world using Humans in.

English (Advanced) STANDARDS. PACKAGES. WELCOME TO THE NSW HIGHER SCHOOL CERTIFICATE Samples of student responses for all compulsory questions and some of the optional questions on the examinationthat illustrate the nature and quality of the responses typically produced by students whose marks in the examination placed them at the.

These essay questions are from past HSC papers or assessment tasks at other schools. You could also make up your own questions by finding an interesting quote about belonging and adding the words "Discuss" or "Do you agree".

Advanced english belonging essay questions
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