Adwords remarketing case study

Second, they worked with other media portals to retarget visitors who showed interest in competitor content.

AdWords may have the biggest display reach, but AdRoll allows you to target Facebook too. Ad creative was also split tested. We were enthusiastic to see whether we could improve their adwords performance by a few percents.

Key Takeaways Take advantage of all platforms that can target specific outlets. Image Source The coolest thing about this case study is that visitors went to the national Mazda site not individual dealer sites where Merchenta was able to connect with local dealership inventory to personalize the ads as much as possible.

You can choose from the recommendations adwords provides for you, Target all your site or Target specific pages. Click through and conversion rates more than doubled in less than 3 months. Read more about the case study here. Fake scarcity never works.

Now here comes the detailed part: To review, having the AdWords platform automatically find retargeting opportunities that are closest to your ROAS goals is brilliant. When you get to the Advanced settings part, set it up like as we did on the image. No other options left, we let the campaigns collecting the data.

Lastly, they got smart and created static price installment ads that educated visitors that they could pay off their purchases over time. We sat down to identify key KPIs, business model and main products — which was a challenge, since the store offers over six thousand different models.

We also added keywords with broad match modifier match type. Using RLSA ads to be more aggressive with comparison shoppers is super sneaky. Second, they defined these audiences by funnel stage, location, on-site behavior, and Internet service provider ISP.

Image Source First, SteelHouse started creating a lot of different audience segments depending on different factors to isolate the performance of each. They then used Dynamic Remarketing where they connected their Google Shopping feeds to create product carousel ads from specific product pages the visitor was on.

Wrote new ads, then rephrased them again and again. Second, they dynamically inserted the specific Mazda model s the site visitor was interested in from their website activity and matched the inventory with dealerships that were local to them.

And without all the fancy things that eCommerce marketers can do when it comes to retargeting, this specific case study had some very interesting results. I want bacon and shorts. This way you can choose specific URLs or even better, pages with specific content on it — how cool is that?

An action plan started to form. Hell, how will I write an adwords case study from this?Adwords Target CPA bidding is one of the flexible bidding strategies that most advertisers overlook.

Learn how what is and how to implement it. Adwords Case Study by 7Digits to show how tiny mods, unusual techniques and the right timing might have a huge inpact on business growth.

AdWords: Display Performance Marketing Case Studies

How to set up and manage a dynamic remarketing campaign in Google AdWords. PPC Hero gives you the run down of how and why to set up dynamic remarketing. Case Study: 78% Lower CPAs With Dynamic Remarketing. By Sam Owen | @SamOwenPPC | Associate Director of Paid Search at Hanapin Marketing | September 27, In the.

How we made $ spending $ with FB ADS (Facebook Remarketing Case Study) AdWords Audit How To Upgrade Your PPC Campaigns If I’m right, which ressource/case study would you reomment for a new store? Greets! George. Reply. Cancel reply. Leave a comment Submit. Free Guide.5/5(3). No one likes to miss conversions.

7 Retargeting Case Studies That’ll Boost Your Current Campaigns

Before you launch your next PPC campaign, gather insights from these retargeting case studies. you can use AdWords Dynamic Remarketing and create city-specific campaigns that have individual audience groups paired with specific products or offers on your site.

We ran a case study recently. • New AdWords function: Remarketing lists for search ads • % rise in conversion rate • CPO reduced by 43% • Increase in turnover of 22% Case study: Tirendo Deutschland GmbH – Remarketing lists for search ads Tirendo has increased its sales by 22% thanks to remarketing lists for search ads.

Adwords remarketing case study
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