Background to spain and sector focused tourism essay

Secondary data was collected through websites and books recommended by University for collection of data. So, this research will be helpful for hotel managers to motivate employees to behave positively with customers through customer service training and through implementing effective tools about customer satisfaction and their impact on hotel industry.

Whereas 3, meetings were held in withparticipants, and 10, meetings were held in with 2, participants likewise. The idea behind this strategy was to get participation and get better findings from those respondents who are unable to fill it in English version.


Upper Saddle River, NJ: Service industries are constantly seeking different ways for creating and building competitive advantage through their offered services and trying to achieve customer satisfaction and build long term relations with customers.

Business tourism has got a remarkable advance. Inone out of four foreign tourists chose this kind of tourism, and in the next five years, betweenand 1,7 million European, non-Spanish families, will establish their second home in Spain. Globalization Opportunities, Challenges and Response As explained beforehand, globalization is lowering barriers for travelers around the world, giving them the chance to reach new latitudes, on the other hand, this also gives opportunities to other countries to exploit heir tourism industry, an important aspect to understand from the competitive pressures to which it is subjected Spanish tourism in recent years is the growth presented by tourist countries around the Mediterranean such as Turkey, Morocco, Tunisia or Croatia, which have started to take advantages of the modern world, in order to sell travel destinations for tourists around the planet.

Services are intangible in nature such as processes; internet based transactions, and the attitudes and expertise of service personnel. Some definitions for services are as follows: According to Tsai and Huangpositive behavior of customer service employees have strong influence on customers to return back and pass positive comments to friends.

But this is changing; tourist behaviour is becoming less predictable due to societal changes, the re-organisation of labour, low airfares and many new holiday destinations. The questionnaire was developed under such idea that could be easy for answering questions from respondents as well as to get the authors intentions.

At the start of our survey, some hotels refused us that you are not allowed to fulfill questionnaires from our customers but after describing our research purpose they agreed with us and gave us permission. This research work is restricted to hotels situated in Visby, Gotland. There is a growing tendency towards human concentration in the peripheral and urban areas and a tendency towards depopulation in the interior except Madrid and rural areas.

Moreover, they described that behavioral intentions is one of the most important factor in hotel industry because hotel industry is very sensitive to word of mouth communications. Fiestas and folklore are an absolutely crucial part of Spanish life.

Lastly, the residential tourism is assuring a huge growth for the country is reducing the seasonality problems and develops villages and gives response to work and leisure new habits.

So it is argued that, CSEB have significant impacts on hotel customers to remain with particular service company.

According to Sperdin and Peterscustomers expect professional services and also want satisfying experiences with good performance in purchasing hotel services because service performance is the core of every service. The sociology of tourism has studied the cultural values underpinning these distinctions and their implications for class relations.

Spain is one of the undisputed leaders of world tourism along with France and the United States. We had distributed our questionnaire in different working days to get better results like in weekends and week days.

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According to Kattara et al. It includes movements for all purposes. More Essay Examples on Tourism Rubric The climate is both warm and Mediterranean, making summers on the mainland and the Balearic Islands ideal for beach tourism, whilst winter for the Canary Islands provides sub-tropical conditions, making them ideal for winter sun destinations.

Crupper, Related posts: Therefore, key to competitive advantage in hotels is delivering superior customer services through front line staff Kattara et al.

Customer satisfaction is essential for every service industry to achieve long term objectives because it leads to repeated purchases and positive word of mouth recommendations Salzar et al. During late the unemployment rate Increased from 8. In order to face this, Spain is rethinking some tourist businesses, trying to combine various services with added value and a better adaptation to a globalized world, with the objective to make the product competitive without sacrificing quality.

For customers, customer service employees are the organizations because they are the effective representatives of the company and customer can easily judge the entire company with their actions and behaviors. While the initial impetus may well come from the public authorities, it is in the full knowledge that, ultimately, success or failure will depend on the participation of all parties implicate, and particularly, on the action taken by the local inhabitants of the respective areas and by tourists themselves.

All levels of the Spanish Administration, Regional Authorities, City and Town Councils, have implemented operations and plans designed to remedy past imbalances and seek formulae, at times novel and bold, for sustainability reasons.

We had discussed the services, customer services and its attributes, Customer service employees, customer satisfaction, theories and customer satisfaction dimensions, relationship of CSEB with customer satisfaction in hotel industry.

Employees deliver tangible services in the form of delivering food, helping customer to his room in hotel and also deliver intangible services in the form of making visit again to the hotel. The reason construction Jobs were lost was due to the decline In house investment due to the high prices.

We selected five famous hotels among different hotels in Visby and contacted hotel management to get permission for fulfilling our questionnaire from hotel customers.

Moreover they stated that, customer service employees can influence the five dimensions of service quality which are reliability, responsiveness, assurance, empathy and tangibility dimensions. According to Parasuraman et al. In this respect, quality services depend on employees.

Refer to the appendix for the investment by types of actions.Essay title: Public Sectors Role in Tourism Public sector has an influence in tourism business.

Spain: A sustainable tourism Essay

To begin with, it is essential to outline the main policy instruments used by governments in order to manage tourism/5(1). However, as soon as vested interests become aware that authori┬Čties have the intention to introduce strict norms and stand┬Čards in their sector, they generally have a.

Background. Today, tourism industry is the most valuable industry in the world economy because it has significant impacts on the social and economic development of a region or country (Holjevac Ivanka, ).

regional and local destinations the importance of tourism is more significant where tourism is the key to economic sector. Tourism is travel for pleasure or business; also the theory and practice of touring, the business of attracting, accommodating, and entertaining tourists, and the business of operating tours.

Tourism may be international, or within the traveller's country. The World Tourism Organization defines tourism more generally, in terms which go "beyond the. More Essay Examples on Tourism Rubric.

The maturity of the Spanish tourism system and the international leadership of its best products have to give support to convert the threats and existing challenges in new opportunities for the future and show a new face to a globalized world.

Spain is located in South-western Europe; Spain borders the North Atlantic Ocean, the Mediterranean Sea, and Pyrenees Mountains.

Public Sectors Role in Tourism

Spain is famous for its spectacular festivals for example, Bull fighting, carnivals, fiestas, delicious food.

Background to spain and sector focused tourism essay
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