Character comparison of nora helmer and kristine linde in a dolls house by henrik ibsen

Thus, she shares with Nora and Mrs. Rank stands out as the one character in the play who is by and large unconcerned with what others think of him.

A Doll's House Characters

Linde took responsibility for her sick parent, whereas Nora abandoned her father when he was ill. Read an in-depth analysis of Nora. Since her husband died bankrupt, she has lived an independent life as a single working woman.

However, he is unable to cope with the disagreeable truths of life. At first, Krogstad appears to be a grasping and vindictive villain. He is baffled when Nora says that she no longer loves him and is leaving him.

After the dance, Torvald reads the letter and tells Nora in anger that she is a criminal and can no longer be his wife, although she may continue to live in his house to keep up appearances. Both could be described as somewhat naive in the ways of the world.

Thus Nora does not tell him the truth about her loan, and Dr Rank does not tell him about his imminent death. The significance of these mythic themes is that only an innocent, fearless creature has the power of vision to see through the false values of sophisticated society.

Initially, Nora appears to be a blissfully happy married woman, whereas Kristine is a tragic widow, an object of pity. He is a foil to Torvald in that he treats Nora as an intelligent human being and she in return speaks more openly to him than she does to her husband.

They feel they must protect him. Mrs Linde, unlike Torvald, believes that Krogstad can change for the better, and indeed, from this point on, his life appears to be set on a positive course.

A Doll's House

His concern is only for his public reputation. Rank is marked by death.

His job at the bank is a major part of this respectability. He is also notable for his stoic acceptance of his fate. Read an in-depth analysis of Torvald Helmer.

However, Dr Rank is not entirely the straightforward truth-teller of dramatic tradition. Though she clearly loves and admires her father, Nora also comes to blame him for contributing to her subservient position in life.

Ibsen, however, has carefully constructed Nora so that her independence and farsightedness have always shown through her adolescent capriciousness.

He treats his wife not as an equal but as a foolish child, plaything and erotic fantasy-figure, as is revealed by his demeaning pet names for her "little songbird," "little skylark," "little person," etc.

Read an in-depth analysis of Krogstad. She gave up her true love, Krogstad, and married a man she did not love for financial security, to support her brothers and invalid mother.

Linde the act of sacrificing her own happiness out of economic necessity. One noticeable difference between the two women lies in their respective abilities to manipulate men to get what they want.

Unlike Torvald and Nora, Dr. Presumably, Krogstad will retain his position at the bank. Now husband and mother are dead, and the brothers are grown. He talks with her about his coming death in a code that excludes Torvald and protects him from harsh reality. Later, when he finds the love of Christine Linde, whose loss had embittered him in the first place, he becomes a changed man and returns the bond.

She has struggled financially and now that she has no one to look after, she feels empty. To this end she does not try to persuade Krogstad to recall his letter revealing all. He leant Nora the money to take Torvald to Italy to recuperate.Nora Helmer.

At the beginning of A Doll’s House, Nora seems completely happy. She responds affectionately to Torvald’s teasing, speaks with excitement about the extra money his new job will provide, and takes pleasure in the company of.

Nora is by far the most interesting character in the play. Many critics have pointed out that such an immature, ignorant creature could never have attained the understanding and revolutionary qualities that Nora has at the time she leaves her home.

In Henrik Ibsen's A Doll's House, Nora Helmer spends most of her on-stage time as a doll: a vapid, passive character with little personality of her own. Her whole life is a construct of societal norms and the expectations of others. At the beginning of A Doll's House, Nora seems content as the naive plaything of husband Torvald.

However, as his true feelings for her come to light, Nora's character.

A Doll's House: Character Profiles

Nora Helmer Character Timeline in A Doll's House The timeline below shows where the character Nora Helmer appears in A Doll's House. The colored dots and icons indicate which themes are associated with that appearance.

Kristine Linde acts as a foil to Nora, highlighting certain character traits which Nora has. Though initially a minor, somewhat insignificant character, Kristine comes to perform a .

Character comparison of nora helmer and kristine linde in a dolls house by henrik ibsen
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