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The meaning of mentally ill may leads to people avoiding their contractual obligations, therefore, person who is mentally ill will eventually be bound unless there is evidence to show that such person does not understand what have been happening and other person has already aware of his mental condition.

Ian must also bear all costs incurred in dealing with third party and he is not entitled to claim from the principal. In Rajeswary v Balakrishnan case, court held that a marriage contract that a minor entered was actually valid.

Implied authority however arises when it is inferred from the behaviour of the parties and the circumstances of the case. Under Contracts Act, it seems to be liberal where contracts which involve the minority will eventually be void even where a minor falsely imitate to be an adult, except of contract for necessaries.

The Law of Agency in Malaysia

For example, in Ireland v Livingston, the instructions from the principal was uncertain and can be interpreted into multiple possible manners. Therefore in this incident, Ian has breach the duty of obedience which is to obey instructions given by Sarah and the duty to communicate Sarah before making any business transactions.

Furthermore, purchasing a fake art work and selling it as an original piece is considered against the law. The Malacca written codes were responsible for the growth of other written codes in other states of the Peninsula: InMalacca was overrun by the Portuguese, and inby the Dutch.

The principal must trust that the agent will work according to the terms of agency agreement and for the benefits of the principal. The case of Hely-Hutchinson v Brayhead Ltd clearly shown the creation of agency through implication.

Legislation was enacted by the State Council of each State. The Court of Appeal held that Mr Richards had authority to enter into the guarantee implied from the circumstances where he had entered various contracts on behalf of the company previously. According to Section of Contracts Actit is the right of principal to repudiate such transactions made by the agent without the consent from the principal.

During the Malacca Sultanate, this concept evolved into the concept of daulat. Malacca was believed to have received Islam in the early fifteenth century. For example, Sabrina instructs Ivan to purchase some goods on her behalf, Sabrina is the principal while Ivan is her agent.

It was held that the principal was liable to pay the agent his commissions. Therefore, a minor will eventually be sued without hesitating the age of being in minority. This was despite the fact that evidence showed there were settlers on the island four Malay families were found encamped upon it when it was first occupied by the British.

The principal could suffer loss off money, opportunity and reputation if the agent abuses his authority. However, no part of the law of England relating to the tenure or conveyance or assurance of or succession to any immovable property is applicable in Malaysia.The law of agency in Malaysia is governed by Part X of the Contracts Act Anyone can become a principal or an agent as long as the person is age of majority and of sound mind as stated in Section and SectionContracts Act respectively.

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LawTeacher > Free Law Essays > Contract Law;. Introduction to the Sources of Law in Malaysia By Dr Sharifah Suhanah Syed Ahmad for example, contract law which is based upon the Indian Contracts Act, evidence, criminal law and local government.

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Contract Law in Malaysia

10 CONTRACT OF SCHOLARSHIP Government of Malaysia v Gurcharan Singh Fact from MARKETING at Multimedia University, Cyberjaya CONTRACT OF SCHOLARSHIP Government of Malaysia v. Law of Contract - Part 3 Multimedia University, Cyberjaya %(1).

Contract law in malaysia essays for scholarships
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