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It is a Duncan campbell scott essay coincidence that the first Brant county man to fall in action in the Duncan campbell scott essay war Captain Cameron D. Brown tells us, adding: This work was going forward while the Germans were conducting an offensive, and naturally the casualties were heavy.

Although the Dominion government had no treaty obligations to fulfil, the scale of Indian support has been a fairly liberal one, and in furnishing free medical attendance, in the establishment of hospitals, in the encouragement of agriculture Duncan campbell scott essay, even more largely, in the provision of education, federal appropriations have been employed.

He was wounded in October,and was returned to Canada a few months later. The most important institution is a boarding school near Carcross; the building lately erected by the government will accommodate thirty pupils. The land allotments were especially difficult, and after much discussion were finally regulated by joint action of both governments in From the nature of their environment and their manner of life it will be somewhat difficult to form or carry out a policy tending to the amelioration of their present condition, which is in many ways deplorable.

Twenty-four of them enlisted from a total adult male population of thirty-eight, a remarkably high percentage, especially in view of the fact that the majority of them were married men. In consequence of this experience they were able to do excellent work as snipers, and some of them have remarkable records in that branch of the service.

In order to avert this danger it was necessary for the British authorities to take special precautions at the time of the drawing up of the Treaty of Ghent, which closed the war. The council after a long discussion that occupied an entire day took the ground that such an offer should, in accordance with an old tradition, come direct from their great war chief Onondiyoh, who is none other than His Majesty King George V.

The insertion of a clause in the joint order-in-council admitting a reversionary interest of the province in lands set apart as Indian reserves has been productive of administrative difficulties, as the consent of the province must be sought and obtained before the Dominion can grant title to any Indian lands.

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The excellent physique of the Indians of this province and their willingness to work have made them a valuable asset in the labour market. This is an extraordinary case, as it would naturally be supposed that an Indian would be a marked man and that it would be almost impossible for him to escape observation.

They met from day to day any difficulties that arose, and overcame by immediate methods the menace of war or sudden adverse turns of the trade. By education and intermarriage they had become civilized. He was given a military funeral at Calgary.

These Indians are Iroquois and are the descendants of the loyal Mohawks, Senecas, Onondagas, Cayugas, Oneidas, the Tuscaroras, who came to Canada from the state of New York in under the leadership of [page ] the great Mohawk chieftain, Captain Joseph Brant, Thayendanegea, whose name is preserved in those of the county of Brant and the town of Brantford.

Sinclair, received the Military Medal.

They were self-supporting, and the experiment of enfranchising the whole band was not in any way hazardous. Even before Confederation, the Canadian government had adopted a policy of assimilation under the Gradual Civilization Act A late enactment makes it possible to pay to the Indians at the time of the surrender as much as one-half of the total amount realized.

They had one child, Elizabeth, who died at This situation was made worse by the federal policy that tied funding to enrollment numbers, which resulted in some schools enrolling sick children in order to boost their numbers.

The late Colonel Campbell praised the courage, discipline, and intelligence of his Indian soldiers in the most enthusiastic terms, and particularly commented upon their ability to adapt themselves without complaint to awkward circumstances and bad weather, which rendered their efficiency in a pioneer battalion far above the average.

I hope you are well and not fretting, as I had an idea that you would think I would join to save the Old country as this war means now or never for Great Britain. About one hundred Indians were recruited in the remote regions of the Hudson Bay and Patricia districts.

There is scarcely a poem of Mr.Duncan Campbell Scott Addresses‚ Essays‚ and Reviews. George Bernard Shaw. SHAW, GEORGE BERNARD (), British critic and dramatist, born in Dublin. In he went to London, where he engaged in newspaper work, and soon took an active interest in socialistic agitation, becoming in a member of the Fabian society.

The representation of native people in the Onondaga mother essaysDuncan Campbell Scott's Representation of Native People in "The Onondaga Duncan Campbell Scott was significantly renowned to be one of the greatest writers during the Confederation period, in Canadian literature.

Raised in. Duncan Campbell Scott wrote “The Onondaga Madonna” in in which his view of Indigenous identity contrasts sharply with Pauline Johnson’s view of Indigenous identity in her poem written in“A Cry From an Indian Wife”.

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Nothing in the war has more genuine interest than the action of the Canadian Indians in energetically espousing the cause of Great Britain and her Allies and spontaneously enlisting in the Expeditionary Force. Duncan Campbell Scott: Solving the Indian Problem Name Institution The Canadian Government’s Strategies for Solving the Indian Problem The Indian problem refers to the challenges conflicts that arose between European settlers and indigenous communities in North America.

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