Ee study plan

Medical image processing, high performance computing, embedded systems, computer vision, machine learning P.

Electrical Engineering

Engineering education; academic research policy; bioinstrumentation; physiologic systems. The test equipment includes network analyzers from Agilent kHz- 1.

Digital and microwave photonics; nonlinear microwave circuits; RFIC; medical imaging. Electro-optics; remote sensing; active optical elements; liquid crystal devices. Plasma and Magnetics Laboratory Research is focused on applications of electrical and magnetic technologies to biology and medicine.

Surface modeling; tissue characterization and modeling; face modeling; recognition and tracking. Computerized instruments and measurements; undergraduate engineering education.

Intelligent control systems; robotics, biomedical, automation and manufacturing; business systems engineering. Software-defined networking; social and economic networks; network security; design and analysis of protocols, algorithms and architectures in computer networks, particularly solutions for the Internet of Things.

Intelligent systems; dynamical systems; power system monitoring and control. Microwave-Photonics Device Laboratories The laboratory is equipped with test and measurement equipment for high-speed analog and digital electronics and fiber optic systems.


Advanced concepts for electric power generation are also under investigation to ensure that electric power needs will be met at the present and in the future.

We are currently doing projects on the following topics: Research programs in the ECE Department prepare students for careers in research and development, and aim to endow graduates with the ability to identify, analyze, and address new technical and scientific challenges.

Artificial intelligence; computer graphics; engineering design and Internet computing. Software based study for power plant design, as well as physical laboratory equipment for radiation detection, strengthen the underlying concepts used in nuclear engineering such that the student will comprehend and appreciate the basic concepts and terminology used in various nuclear engineering professions.

Kurzweg, PhD University of Pittsburgh. Computer and software engineering; advanced microprocessors and distributed operating systems.

Light-matter interactions in electronic materials, including ferroelectric semiconductors, complex oxide thin film science; laster spectroscopy, including Raman scattering.

Plan of Study

We employ digital signal processing and machine learning to pursue novel applications in music information retrieval, music production and processing technology, and new music interfaces. Optoelectronics; fabrication and modeling; fiber optic devices; nanoelectronics; nanowires. Major equipment within DWSL includes: Audio and music signal processing, voice analysis and synthesis, music information retrieval, machine learning.

Embedded systems, self-managing systems, reliable and fault-tolerant computing, distributed systems, computer architecture, and testing and verification of digital systems.Purdue School of Engineering and Technology ☰ Electrical and Computer Engineering.

School Home; About. Official Plan of Study (POS) Electives. List includes all types of electives on the BSEE Plan of Study. EE Elective Lists. Sample Plan-of-Study for BSEE First Year Semester 1 Semester 2 ECE Adv EE Selective 3 ECE Adv EE Selective 3 ECE ECE Elective 1 ECE ECE Elective (lab) 1 Cmpl Ele Complementary Elective 2 GEE Gen Ed Elective 3 GEE Gen Ed Elective 3 MA Linear Algebra 3 Semester Credits.

The electrical engineering major emphasizes the fundamentals of electrical engineering, hands-on learning, and flexibility in course selection to satisfy diverse career goals. Students choose one or more areas of study beginning in their pre-junior year. Electrical Engineering Degree Plans of Study; Electrical Engineering Degree Curriculum; Undergraduate Research Opportunities in Electrical and Computer Engineering; Major Degrees.

Electrical Engineering Degree Program. General Information Guide to Course Selection EE Course Selection Chart. This is the plan of study for an Electrical Engineering Technology (EET) student at Purdue University in the Purdue Polytechnic Institute.

Study plan flowcharts for engineering students The University of Oklahoma or Oklahoma State University These flowcharts have been prepared to assist Rose State College students who plan to pursue engineering degrees at The University of Oklahoma or Oklahoma State University.

Ee study plan
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