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The arms and trunks are flexed and legs are stretched. Next comes the tonic phase. Seizures are over so quickly that your doctor probably will never see your child having one. After the clonic phase the coma phase starts where the individual still continues to remain in unconscious stage but there is a complete stop of convulsions.

Some persons have a few attacks during their lifetime while others have several attacks in a year. During a simple partial seizure the person will experience motor, sensory or autonomic symptoms such as abdominal discomfort, strange tastes in their mouth, and an increase in heart rate.

By the increase of these symptoms, at last the occasion appears, by which the patient is prostrated on the ground by a groan, all the senses and the faculty of the mind being abandoned. Status epilepticus is a life-threatening condition in which a person has a prolonged seizure or one seizure after another without regaining consciousness in between them.

Simple partial seizures, in which a child may have a sudden, overwhelming sense of terror, are especially frightening. And these causes act in the same manner as those within the brain, viz.

They are intellectually bright with pleasant personal experiences, courage to face problems of life without getting depressed and losing competency in work.

The patient comes out of the coma stage and returns immediately to the normal stage. In Epilepsy in children essay category, there is no aura or warning signal and the patient does not fall down.

A seizure is a transient, paroxysmal, patho-physiological disturbance of cerebral function caused by a spontaneous excessive discharge of cortical neurons. Head injuries and toxins: The attacks of the psychomotor equivalent are same as the post conversant period.

The variation in sensation depends upon the area of the brain affected.

Essay on Epilepsy: It’s Causes Diagnosis and Treatment

Studying a number of epileptic patients, Clark has reported four important personality traits present in the epileptics. Antiepileptic drugs AEDs are the class used to accomplish this. It is the most common chronic neurological disease having a prevalence of about 1 per cent in the general population.

What is in reality inherited is the physical constitution and not the seizure or fits which has a high or low potentiality for having epileptic attacks.

In this type of seizure there is a loss of consciousness for 5 to 30 seconds. Continued Some kinds of seizures, such as absence seizures, are especially difficult to catch because they may be mistaken for daydreaming. We shall however leave these discussions, and pass to the cure of Epilepsy, depending on a turgescent state of the vessels of the brain.

What about the rest. One of the problems with complex partial seizures, for instance, is that people have no control of their actions.

Genetic research is teaching doctors more and more about what causes different types of seizures. He can seriously wound his tongue by biting it at this stage. Other kinds of seizures, such as simple or complex partial seizures, can be mistaken for different conditions, such as migrainespsychological illness, or even drug or alcohol intoxication.

Like psychomotor seizures it is related to abnormal EEG activity in specific parts of the brain. They are perhaps the least likely people with epilepsy to suffer any brain damage from a seizure.

The external physical signs of the coma stage are very few. But nevertheless, he resumes his activity after a few seconds.

According to Ervin the epilepsy may be categorised on the basis of the type of seizure manifested. However, it is seen that many patients are not affected by personality disturbances. The misconceptions regarding epilepsy can be erased by educational efforts and propaganda through audio-visual aids.

Incontinence of urine and feces may occur. The symptoms of epilepsy include falling down, shaking of hands, legs and bodies, biting the teeth, foaming in the mouth etc. They may wind up doing inappropriate or bizarre things that upset people around them.

Similarly, certain percentage of epileptic fits may be accounted to differences in order of birth, difficulty in delivery and head injuries in later life. Those that act within the brain may, as sar as at present we have learnt from dissections, be properly reserred to six heads: There is great loss of consciousness.

A seizure may be abnormal movements or an arrest of movement, a disorder of sensation or perception or a disturbance of behaviour or an impairment of consciousness. Such cases are rare but when occur pose danger to the life of the patient.Essay on Epilepsy Words | 3 Pages.

Epilepsy Epilepsy can happen to anyone of any age. The largest(47%) percent of people, developing epilepsy for the first time, being children from birth to nine years of age.

The next largest age group would be ten year olds to ninteen year olds at 30%. Epilepsy in Children: A Brief review November 14, CHAPTER I INTRODUCTION Epilepsy is a condition in which seizures are triggered recurrently from within the brain.

Seizures in Children

1 A seizure is a sudden, transient disturbance of brain function, manifested by involuntary motor, sensory, autonomic, or psychic phenomena, alone or in any combination, often accompaniec by alteration or loss of consciousness.

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Epilepsy in Children - Epilepsy in Children Epilepsy is the name for a condition of recurrent seizures where no underlying cause can be determined.

Seizures occur as a result of abrupt, explosive, unorganized discharges of cerebral neurons. Epilepsy in Children Schuyler Wilson Nursing Care Through the Lifespan III June 28, Epilepsy is the name for a condition of recurrent seizures where no underlying cause can be determined.

Seizures occur as a result of abrupt, explosive, unorganized discharges of cerebral neurons/5(1).

Epilepsy in Children

Essay on epilepsy. In which a new theory of that disease is attempted, from which the proximate cause is investigated, and indications brought from thence; shewing clearly the .

Epilepsy in children essay
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