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This target was updated in from an original goal of 2. We work with our employees, collaborate with suppliers and their supply chains, and run an eco-fund to trial innovative approaches to help achieve our targets.

This partnership serves as a great example of how you create the change needed for a more sustainable future," said Edward Wilson, U. We constantly review our supplier relationships and require them, through adherence to our Code of Conduct and ongoing dialogue, to support our 10 operational sustainability goals and to ensure modern slavery and human rights violations are not present within our extended supply chain.

HSBC Bank Jakarta Indonesia – Bali CSR Programs

There are Earthwatch projects in 50 countries which focus upon sustainable resource management, climate change, oceans and cultures. Participants are expected to embed sustainability into decision-making and project delivery in the businesses and functions where they work.

We are setting up a network of new Global Earth Observatories, based on the longest-running standardized forest monitoring program, covering all the major tropical rainforest areas of the world.

HSBC: Deep Engagement of Business Leaders

The senior managers who become Sustainability Leaders participate in an intensive training program where they work with Earthwatch scientists on a climate change-related research project and take part in structured sustainability learning sessions relevant to HSBC co-delivered by Earthwatch and HSBC.

Second, any solution must engage people and communities in order to promote true understanding and action. HSBC employees work alongside Earthwatch scientists undertaking field research and, in doing so, contribute to vital data collection and learn about climate change.

The Sustainability Leadership Program has been running since Waste We aim to reduce waste by 75 per cent by compared with our benchmark, up from an original target of 50 per cent. Facilitated sessions focus on how Sustainability Leaders can support the HSBC Sustainability Strategy, generate efficiency savings, and drive sustainability engagement within their part of the business.

Earthwatch Institute was founded in Boston in For HSBC, whose energy consumption is equal to that of a small city, this is no easy task.

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We updated our goals and made them more ambitious inhowever, as we had already met several of them or were on track to achieve them before the target date. Our energy use reduced by 9 per cent in and this, along with renewable energy purchases, reduced our annual carbon emissions per employee to 2.

Director of The Climate Group said, "Climate change is an increasingly urban issue. The Sustainability Leadership Program is a unique professional development experience for senior leaders from HSBC, designed to promote a deep understanding of sustainability.

Targeting per cent renewables In HSBC signed up to RE, a group of businesses committed to sourcing per cent of their electricity from renewables by Climate change, poor management and waste mean that water supplies around the world are more and more stressed.

Journalists can also access broadcast-standard video and high resolution photography and logos supporting this news release by visiting www. Founded in by a diverse group of companies, governments and supporters, The Climate Group works to accelerate international action on global warming with a new, strong focus on practical solutions and sharing expertise on how business and government can lead the way towards a low carbon economy while boosting profitability and competitiveness.

Affiliate offices are based in UK, Australia and Japan. Earthwatch Institute is proud to be part of The HSBC Climate Partnership, working to develop a climate change research program in 5 key forests around the world, engaging overstaff in 82 countries and working with local community members to develop lasting management strategies.

HSBC continues to improve its environmental performance. Smithsonian Tropical Research Institute - www. We also aim to cut paper use by 66 per cent, up from a target of 50 per cent. Carbon emissions We aim to cut our annual carbon emissions per employee from 3.

The donation will help to deliver increased capacity, help the charities to expand across new countries and research sites, and increase their access to more people.

By the end of more than senior executives had participated. He was so inspired that he approached Earthwatch about designing a program for senior HSBC executives, and this resulted in the Sustainability Leadership Program.

HSBC employees undertake field research and contribute to vital data collection. We have a short period of time left to take action.


The feed time is time: By the end ofwe had signed agreements to purchase 27 per cent of our global electricity from renewable sources. What happens in the Sustainability Leadership Program? To succeed, universal buy-in is needed from the top.

Read our Paper Sourcing Policy. HSBC managers collaborate in a structured sustainability learning session. High summer temperatures, storms and rising sea levels will have more extreme impacts on city life.

The five-year programme was extended in following Hsbc indonesia csr program success over the initial term. If you are a first-time user, please take a moment to register. By the end ofcertified sustainably sourced paper accounted for 93 per cent of all paper used by HSBC.

Related content We publish regularly updated information on our performance in relation to environmental, social and governance issues.Sustainability means building our business for the long term by balancing social, environmental and economic considerations in the decisions we make.

This enables us to foster growth which is both sustainable and commercially viable. HSBC Water Programme. Sustainable finance. HSBC plays a key part in supporting the transition to a low-carbon economy, both via our own operations and by helping customers to reduce their own emissions.

Welcome to the Presentation on Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) of HSBC Bank Limited. GROUP Name ID Sponsored the program titled HSBC Kali O Kolom Young Poet and Writers Award with a cash prize of Tk.

A seminar was arranged in recognition to Dhaka s years celebration where eminent historians of Bangladesh shared their views on 1/5(1). HSBC Bank Jakarta is the biggest foreign bank in Indonesia set in Jakarta has sent the PCM Team to go to Bali for leisure and socializing includes rafting, CSR program.

Pelajari tentang riwayat, penghargaan, kontak media, dan informasi keuangan HSBC di Indonesia. The HSBC Sustainability Leadership Programme is a unique professional development experience for senior leaders from HSBC, designed to promote a deep understanding of sustainability.

HSBC: Deep Engagement of Business Leaders Corporate Partnerships. Our Business Credentials; Our Approach to Partnering with Business.

Hsbc indonesia csr program
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