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Of course, to look for the best custom writing service available out there. She is currently married and has been since Since Rob has moved around so much, he is initially shy and reluctant to join the Ghostwriter team.

Mayteana Morales Mayteana Morales Gaby Fernandez Following her stint on Ghostwriter, Morales left acting and moved into the music side of the entertainment business. He is able to travel through time and also has the ability to travel across the Internet.

He has appeared in various commercials and now primarily works behind the camera as a writer and director.

She comes to live with the Jenkins family while her mother is being treated for alcoholism. Casey was portrayed by Leteaka Vinson.

She is the younger sister of Alex Fernandez and is also the best friend of team member Tina Nguyen. The famous film director appeared as Special Agent Pete in two episodes.

She is currently a member of the funk group The Pimps of Joytime.

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Here is a brief bio of each character. Lenni was portrayed by Blaze Berdahl. However, this idea was never revealed nor explored while the series aired. Mother of Alex and Gaby Fernandez, and wife of Mr. Rob was portrayed by Todd Alexander.

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The following is a list of other cast members that appeared on the show. Alejandro, usually referred to as just Alex, was the third team member to become acquainted with Ghostwriter.

Several members of the cast remained in acting while others completely left the business to pursue ventures in their personal lives. Father of Lenni Frazier. Source Series Synopsis Ghostwriter was first broadcasted in October of The kids are able to do this with the help of an invisible ghost that they refer to as Ghostwriter.

Along with the aid of Ghostwriter, the kids piece together the clues and solve mysteries. Portrayed by Iliana Guibert afterwards. He can also feel and read the emotions of others. One of the things that made the era special was that there was a sort of nostalgia that operated similarly to the reverence for 80s but also a certain magic that came from the changes that were occurring with the Y2K generation quickly approaching.

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Besides that bit of information, not much else is known. As the series progressed, various clues became available that gave some indication as to his origin. The only way Ghostwriter can communicate with the kids is through manipulating whatever letters or text he can find.

Alex was portrayed by David Lopez. Our Ghostwriting Help is Easy to Get! In other words, the Internet existed but television was still the main source of entertainment for children.

Because of her curiosity, she is eventually exposed to Ghostwriter. It was mystery show that was targeted to elementary and middle school children.

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Portrayed by Cordelia Gonzales from the first season to the middle of the second season. We have successfully assisted hundreds of students worldwide and try to keep it that way. Gaby is 9 years old and hopes to become a newscaster in the future.

The role of Tina was portrayed by Tram-Anh Tran. He is very protective of the children. Gabriela "Gaby" Fernandez became the fourth member of the team to see Ghostwriter.Oct 28,  · Fans of Noggin's ''Ghostwriter'' -- in which curious neighborhood children, including Melissa Gonzalez (corner picture, left) and Lateaka Vinson (right), solve mysteries with the assistance of.

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Feb 12,  · External links Lateaka Vinson on Internet Movie Database Lateaka Vinson is a former American child actress. She is best known for her role as Casey Austin on the PBS Kids show Ghostwriter. Biography Besides Ghostwriter, Vinson also did voice work for Richard Scarry videos.

Rental Inquiries – Request A Call Back. Please submit the form below to schedule an appointment or request a call back from us. You may also reach our representatives by phone at: () Lateaka Vinson is an actress, known for Ghostwriter (), Best Learning Songs Video Ever! () and Best Sing-Along Mother Goose Video Ever!

(). Ghostwriter doesn't remember who he is or where he came from but he does want to "protect the children". The enigma surrounding Ghostwriter never went away but Reviews: 3.

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