Malunggay can be used as water purifier essay

Using natural materials to clarify water is a technique that has been practiced for centuries and of all the materials that have been used, seeds of the Malunggay have been found to be one of the most effective.

Researchers at the Industrial Technology Development Institute ITDI said that seed kernels of malunggay have important amounts of water soluble protein that hold a positive charge. There are many methods to purify water- but do you know that you can also use moringa seeds to make sure that your drinking water is free from harmful elements.

The equipment is ideal for the places without access to safe drinking water. It is an element essential to all living organisms.

Baseline Study of Malunggay

Review of Related Literature Healthy beaches are both safe and clean. Crushed moringa seeds or moringa seed powder have the ability to purify water by decreasing the bacterial concentration and making it safe for consumption.

Mortar and pestle 3. Add the resulting milky fluid to the water you wish to purify. Pour the mixture through a tea strainer or sieve into a cup. Scope and Limitations The scope of this study is on the effectiveness of moirnga seeds as water purifier. One major source of harmful bacteria is fecal contamination, which can come from diapers, feces from people, pets or wildlife, malfunctioning septic systems, storm water runoff and sewage treatment overflows.

So far, the team has been unable to determine why the water source is contaminated, Razon said. The water is crystal clear with no rusty odor, which meets Philippine National Standards for drinking water.

Moringa seed powder absorbs the solids and bacteria in the water and then sinks to the bottom. However, since these organisms are present, other disease-causing organisms may also be present.

Previous studies on the use of malunggay seeds for water purification showed that these had proteins containing antimicrobial and coagulant properties that can kill coliform and remove turbidity in water, she said.

The clean water may be siphoned or poured off the top of the container. In very rare cases, it can cause hemolytic uremic syndrome, a serious kidney condition. Razon said the DLSU team would test the malunggay biofilter in July or August in Mulanay, a small seaside municipality in the Bondoc Peninsula in Quezon province, where the university previously worked in other projects.

But beaches and other swimming areas do not stay healthy all the time. When added to turbid water, it can attract negatively charged particles like contaminants. The final step involves the use of locally-developed ceramic filter with 1.

Allow the Malunggay seed pods to dry naturally on the tree before harvesting them. Findings support recombinant proteins both removing microorganisms by coagulation as well as acting directly as growth inhibitors of the microorganisms.

Canadian grant The project is funded by a grant from Grand Challenges Canada, a government program that aids research on global health issues in Canada and developing countries. Studies have been conducted since the early ?

This proves that malunggay plant is the new wonder tree aside from the coconut tree. After pre-treatment, water is filtered through activated carbon layer and layers of different sizes of pumice, stone, and sand. Stir quickly for 30 seconds, then slowly and regularly for five minutes. We suggest experimenting with amount of seeds and stirring times to find what works for you.

It was decided to use Seawater because many people love to take a bath on beaches, oceans, sea and there is a tendency that they could drink water accidentally and it may cause coliform disease to them.

Background of the study Coliform or other bacteria in drinking or swimming water will not necessarily make you ill. Pagsuyoin is also an assistant professor of civil and environmental engineering at the University of Waterloo.

Many factors can influence the overall health and safety of recreational waters: The presence of fecal coliform in drinking water or at swimming sites is evidence that human or animal waste has been or is present. Health symptoms related to drinking or swallowing water contaminated with bacteria generally range from no ill effects to cramps and diarrhea gastrointestinal distress.

Is there any significant effect of moringa seed powder as water purifier?

Malunggay Seeds Use in Water Purifying Technology

Significance of the study In this study, the proponents aimed to establish the effects of Malunggay seed respectively on seawater. These studies have confirmed that the seeds are highly effective in removing suspended particles from water with medium to high levels of turbidity Malunggay seeds are less effective at treating water with low levels of turbidity.

Everybody knows the importance of water.Baseline Study of Malunggay. or any similar topic specifically for you. Your Time. HIRE WRITER. However, only few know that one of the ability of Malunggay to work as water purifier.

In this study, the proponents aimed to establish the effects of Maluggay leaves and seed respectively on seawater. We Can Help With Your Essay.

FIND OUT. Malunggay can be used as water purifier By Helen Flores (The Philippine Star) | Updated July 12, - am MANILA, Philippines – Aside from its potential as biofuel feedstock, the seed of moringa, locally known as malunggay, could also be used for treating water, a Filipino scientist said yesterday.

Malunggay Seeds Use in Water Purifying Technology. With the use of the seed of ubiquitous malunggay plant, Department of Science and Technology (DOST) has developed a simple and easy to set up water purification system (WPS).

When added to turbid water, it can attract negatively charged particles like contaminants. As a result, there will. In order to test the feasibility of malunggay bark extract as alternative source of electricity, the researchers prepared two different set-ups and under each set-up there are three treatments.

For the second set-up, amount of gelatin powder and amount of water used in each treatment were controlled. Malunggay Seeds as Water Purifier Investigatory Project Steps and Description High School Biology. Mar 09,  · Investigatory project, proving that malunggay can really be an effective water purifier MEMBERS CORTES, LORENZO PHILIP DIZON, LAWRENCE FLORES, GRAHAM ONG, RA.

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Malunggay can be used as water purifier essay
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