Medc country and a ledc country essay

Another factor is the Average calorie intake per day. The people living in Caatinga are moving to much more industrialized cities like Sao Paulo and Rio de Janeiro to the south of Brazil. The average life expectancy in the UK is 77 years. This then causes a reduction in the number of jobs available in the area.

This could also mean there is a great burden on the health service. This will keep the Life expectancy low. Caatinga also has a lack of services like schools and hospitals; this will be hard for families to cope with because of young children.

How to Write a Summary of an Article? This is then made worse by the frequent droughts in the area and other natural disasters. The life expectancy there is 48 years. The reasons that people move to the city and urban areas are because, they seek better jobs that pay much more money, jobs in Sao Paulo and Rio de Janeiro are much better paid than in Caatinga.

This shows how more people are starving and dieing younger. In addition, there may be a large deficit, where the about being paid into the economy is less than the amount being paid out.

This is caused by a high birth rate in rural areas like Caatinga. The land that they sell off may be to richer farmers that have tractors and other mechanized equipment. This has then lead to more families selling land off and moving away.

They are housed better and have a better quality of life, they have a better medical treatment and more services like schools and they have enough food. Caatinga also experiences many droughts and so the hard physical condition of the area will cause a loss of jobs or food in the area.

In Burkina faso it is calories, whereas in the UK it is calories. When people are older, they require much more healthcare, and so the health services in the UK will have more pressure as there are so many older people. This will cause large problems with resources and may start off a large phase of famine and disease.- Comparison Between MEDC and LEDC The comparisons between MEDC- More Economically Developed Country and LEDC-Less Economically Developed Country are many and varied but are mainly related to finance which gives the MEDC a higher standard of living for its occupants than those of the LEDC.

Exploring Why LEDC's Suffer Greater Damage From Earthquakes Than MEDC's - Exploring Why LEDC's Suffer Greater Damage From Earthquakes Than MEDC's A MEDC is a more economically developed country; therefore it can afford to spend money on improving the countries stability and helping to decrease the damage from an earthquake.

Today, Newly Industrialized Country (NIC) apply to several countries like South Africa, Mexico, Malaysia, Brazil, China, India, Thailand, Philippines and Turkey whose economy has not yet reached the MEDC stage but has surpassed the LEDC stage. Exactly what is says on the tin - an end of year quiz for Geography - country catchphrase, capital cities, flags, MEDC or LEDC, hot desert or cold desert and birth rates. Development - GEOGRAPHY FOR & BEYOND. "Medc Vs Ledc" Essays and Research Papers Medc Vs Ledc Every country is separated in two categories, MEDC and LEDC ; which stands for More Economically Developed Country and Less Economically Developed Country.

MEDC country and a LEDC country Essay Sample

There is also an increased life expectancy and lower death rates in the country as more people are living and for a long time. Caatinga in north Brazil is a rural area that is home to mostly poor people.

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LEDC and MEDC Economic and Social Issues

Tourism in LEDC's creates environmental and social problems whilst bringing limited economic benefits; Earthquakes in MEDC.

Medc country and a ledc country essay
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