Medication: pharmacology and medicines act essay

The National Patient Safety Agency estimated that harm by medicines which could have been prevented could cost over? In a clinical setting medication is normally dispensed using the generic name to avoid confusion, but because medications may come under a number of different names nurses must be able to identify the exact name and spelling so that the right medication is given.

Criticisms that contemporary nurse training fails to link the theory of pharmacology to practice and the need to deliver medicine management training which is clinically relevant has been well documented Banning, ; Turner et al, The nurse must understand the drugs which their patients are taking Hemingway et al This essay has emphasised that safe and competent practice in medicine management is a fundamental role of the nurse from both a general and branch-specific perspective.

The routes of drug administration fall into many major categories being oral, parenteral, inhalation and topical. Person responsible for medicine demands to hold a preparation and have a cognition about the statute laws and policies.

The need for advanced clinical decision making skills and knowledge of guidelines and laws to enable a high standard of practice in medicine management has also been highlighted. How about receiving a customized one?

Initially, oral medication liquid or soluble should be offered and intramuscular injection should only be used when oral medication has been tried or is considered inappropriate NICE When drugs are involved it is important that they are used in the way which best benefits patients, so that they can achieve better health for themselves.

This is because of their prescribing rights, so they must know everything there is to know about prescribing lawfully and safety. Record keeping is an important aspect of good practice in medicine management and is also a legal responsibility Woodrow Because nurses administer drugs to patients they are legally accountable for their actions.

Collaborative working is essential for good practice in medicine management and has become more important with the development of clinical risk management in healthcare in recent years Nursing Times Some universities and trusts have established practices to test practitioner knowledge and skills in safe drug administration.

This can also result in medication errors. The management and administration of medication is complex where individuals may lack the mental capacity needed to consent and the nurse must ensure that all guidelines in capacity law are strictly adhered to Great Britain.

Only the company designated to collect and dispose the clinical waste can dispose the unwanted medicines. The Misuse of Drugs Regulations It softens and rehydrates dry tegument by assisting it to remain more wet.

Lack of competence and safety in the delivery of medicine management can also result in a financial burden to the NHS. In addition to checking the dose, they must also ensure that the prescribed dose is within the known dose range by consulting the British National Formulary.

Administering medication to manage violence and aggression is known as rapid tranquilisation Dickinson et al and should only be used if the nurse decides all other less coercive and non-pharmacological methods such as de-escalation, distraction and the use of a low stimulus environment have been unsuccessful NICE For autonomy, the nurse promotes the right of self-determination and recognizes patient self-worth by encouraging them to participate in decisions about their health.

Donat has also emphasised the unnecessary reliance by nurses on prn medication for behaviour management. Identify the statute law that governs the usage of medicine in your work topographic point.

Role and Responsibility of the Nurse in Medicine Management

For consent to be valid, it must be informed, voluntary and made with capacity Great Britain. With regards to ethical principles this puts responsibilities on the nurse to practice ethically. The importance of pharmacology in regards to these ethical principles is that it helps the nurse achieve them.

Dickinson et al stress the need for rapid tranquilisation to be used as a management strategy rather than a primary form of treatment. It is used only for external. Department of Health The nurse must understand the physical risks of rapid tranquilisation arrhythmias and sudden cardiac death and must therefore be able to use and maintain the equipment needed for cardiopulmonary resuscitation NICE All of this needs to be recorded in the individuals care plan and the family should be also inform what the individual health now is, then inform a Doctor and ensure that the report has been made for a CQC body.

A individual ordering them. Factors also include toxic and allergic reactions. The nurse must also verify whether a patient has an allergy to the medication before administration NMCthe prescription on the label of the medicine to be administered must be clearly written and the medications not expired NMC 8.

Describe how to dispose of out of day of the month and portion used medicine in conformity with the statute law and your organizational policy.

( LO5. 7) In. Unit Administer Medication to Individuals, and Monitor the Effects Legislation and Policies Relevant to the Administration of Medication The Medicines Act This act is an Act of Parliament of the United Kingdom and it.

Essay on Pharmacology

Pharmacology is a vast field that aims to focus on the therapeutic potential of a particular drug. The field is complex and consists of a number of subdivisions and sub disciplines.

This section of Researchomatic provides detailed Pharmacology essays each of which relate to different topics and issues. Many laws have been passed to implement the Convention, including the U.S. Psychotropic Substance Act, the UK Misuse of Drugs Act (), and the Controlled Drugs and Substances Act.

Although all these laws are enforcement it still isn’t stopping persons from getting to these drugs and abusing them/5(1). Evaluating Importance Of Nurses In Improving Medication Safety. Print Reference this states that it is the duty of the nurse to understand the pharmacology and medical speciality of pharmaceutical care.

Pharmacology for Nurses

This is in order to support safe and professional practice on the nurse’s behalf. Nurses must act with integrity and professionalism.

Medication: Pharmacology and Medicines Act Essay Sample

Medicines Act ) and the NMC Standards for Medicine Management (). Local policies which specify how medication is administered to patients are constantly changing and it is the professional duty of the nurse is to ensure that their knowledge is up to .

Medication: pharmacology and medicines act essay
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