My initial impression of the museum

I really liked the visit of the museum of the holocaust. Reply Rhonda Albom December 16, at 1: I also liked the movie that we watched before we go to the museum Viktor S.

In a 15, sq. I imagined myself as one of the little girls carrying a basket of flowers through the marbled streets, and wearing a crown of flowers in my hair.

Reply santafetraveler December 15, at 2: Good to see you also got into the street art scene. Love the atmosphere at Plaka, but the Acropolis was being remodeled while we were there.

Education for the young, removing God, all things that are happening now. That same spirit of adventure and discovery—and a desire to maximize every moment in a museum but no longer at a sprint pace —continues to guide my engagement with art and with visitors at the Getty.

That summer the Museum had an exhibition of videos from its collection, and I was mesmerized. I also saw pictures of some Jews and their names.

I constantly had to remind them that there is much cooler stuff to look at, namely the vast armory with its rows of full-body metal suits for knights!

Thanks for taking me there again. I can see us revisiting both Athens and the islands sometime soon. Have you ever had a magical moment with art?

I loved exploring the Plaka district and sitting in a cafe dining surrounded by history. Carole Terwilliger Meyers December 18, at 1: Plan for a few hours for the visit.

It now offers classes, camps, teacher training workshops and traveling school programs that complement the exhibitions within its building.

A first impression of Athens, Greece – Travel Photo Mondays

Taking us to museums meant a lot to him. It was one of the first places we visited after the move, and I remember literally walking into the Middle Ages—a complete cloister from fourteenth-century France.

The guide was great and thank to her,we learnt a lot of things. The organisation was awesome. The biggest impression I got by the framed pictures of Jews among whom there are and framed mirrors — mirrors were showing that everyone of us could be part of tragic fate of the Jews and the mirrors taught us that we should be happy, because we have right to life, which the Jews withdrawn.

In fact, everyone should visit these exhibits. I would love to visit the place. She promoted the design and development of hands-on exhibits that challenged visitors thinking processes.

We parked the car and hubby said should we bother based on the items in the parking lot. I really liked your image of The Erechteion. At that age, for me art captured a fantasy world, one that was more marvelous and enchanting than I could have ever imagined. After my dad died, I unearthed his enormous cache of museum takeaways—cards, photos, brochures, hundreds of scratched-up admission pins.

They seemed to get lost—and I was about to lose it! Betsy Wuebker PassingThru December 15, at 1: Beautiful, ancient and modern too, with the street art. I wanted to see the Acropolis and that was great, but otherwise I much prefer the Greek Islands. Impression 5 moved into its current 80, square foot building located on Museum Drive in downtown Lansing in Their stories give a behind-the-scenes look at the individuals who work at the museum and the meaningful, transformative experiences they have had with art.

At age 9, I did not want to be edified. We even took pictures of exhibits. This whole post was a visual feast. Tam Warner Minton December 14, at 7:Impression 5 Science Center was established to create a space for families and students to learn about science in an informal, hands-on setting.4/4(30).

The initial goal of Impression 5 was to develop fun, educational exhibits that focused on the five senses. A variety of approaches was offered to take into account individual learning styles.

The museum's first headquarters were in Marble School, East Lansing where volunteers housed displays and traveled to schools and shopping malls putting. Oct 29,  · Miracle of America Museum (MoAM): Wow!! Our initial impression from the outside was WRONG! - See traveler reviews, candid photos, and great deals for Polson, MT, at mi-centre.comon: Highway 93, Polson, MT.

This exhibition is organized by the Museum of Fine Arts, Houston, and the Philbrook Museum of Art, Tulsa. An indemnity has been granted by the Federal Council on the Arts and the Humanities. 1: Introduce your topic, including the name of the museum you visited, its city and the date of your visit.

Describe your overall impression of the museum, including the architecture, environment and collections. 2: Discuss your initial impression of the European Early Modern Collections area (late 18thth century art). As a five-year old I went with my parents to see the Hermitage Museum in what was then Leningrad.

Impression 5 Science Center

Or rather, my parents went to see it and took me along. They seemed to get lost—and I was about to lose it!—in the Old Master paintings, and particularly the Impressionist galleries.

My initial impression of the museum
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