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Finally, I think that people of my generation tend to forget many traditions and customs of the country they were born in. They are able to grow up more quickly and are not so dependent on their parents because they think more for themselves and do not accept the ideals of Our generation essay elders.

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Is our generation more stressed than the previous ones? It has provided us with much easier and faster ways to solve urgent problems. One drawback that has come with all this is the changing of people into lethargic beings owing to the high technological trends.

How technology has impacted our lives: The main problem of the kids growing up nowadays is materialism and superficiality. Many of the pressing issues for the Muslim community—how live in America in a manner that is consistent with Islamic values, how to interact Our generation essay other communities in a harmonious way, how to find a spouse, how to deal with peer pressure and stereotyping—are Our generation essay new for American Muslims.

Arguably, the one piece of technology that has been most effective in our lives today is cell phones which are today considered a show of civilization. The unemployment rate Is constantly Increasing; hence, the number of job-seeker is growing, which leads to the increasing competitiveness in Job opportunities.

Man, through the ages, has undergone many changes from the time he depicted a herd of mammoths on the walls of his cave to these days when he can use personal computers to create a new pattern for his carpet, send e-mail to his friend and even make a cup of coffee without leaving his chair.

My generation does not show any respect or understanding for older generations because they feel misunderstood by and superior to them. The most vital factor dictating how a certain technology works is the presence of competition.

The use of the internet is growing at a very fast rate with each passing day. Owing to this great innovation in technology, it is possible for a person to get information on any topic from anywhere at any time. Some universities have their own, independent student groups that seek to support Muslim students in a similar capacity.

How much the economy of a nation has grown can be measured by measuring the level of technology that they have achieved.

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What is more, almost everybody In our modern society Is trying to achieve high standard of living, therefore, people have to spend long hour at work.

Individual leaders like Imam Webb, whose own experience with hip-hop gives him a particularly resonant edge, are working to bridge the divide between Muslim and American pop cultural identities by showing young people that they can be integrated without compromising one or the other, and beyond that, by demonstrating that the teachings of Islam can be applied to address the challenges of daily life, much as would be done in Muslim-majority countries, too.

And I think it is for the best. This contradiction makes many people compare the negative aspects of stress to society today and in the past. I was the first person who explained my parents what the Internet is and how to use it. To my mind, today time is more has been felt by all generations in their lives.

So, we can say that technology has greatly impacted our lives. The Information technology sector has fully transformed human communication with the likes of instant messaging, video conferencing and emails.

Technology has helped people to construct bridges to reduce the distance in their head. One of the major conflicts today is that there is no social cooperation among human beings and the young people are not interested in changing that situation. It is not possible to give one particular type of technology credit for all this change.

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Please Rate Every generation of people is different in important ways. How is your generation different from your parents’ generation?

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Use specific reasons and examples to explain your answer. and this means that our children will also be. The conference theme, “My Identity, My Tomorrow,” encapsulates the efforts within the Muslim community that address the issues facing the younger generation of Muslims in America while encouraging American Muslim youth assert their own identity collectively.

Oct 22,  · It has changed the generation of teenagers/young adults rapidly. It has made the gene How Technology Affects our World. January 23, U just used technology to post this shit essay.

ENG 20 July Our Overweight Generation The current trending topic of childhood obesity in America has been flooding the news for the last couple of.

Our culture is a huge part of our everyday environment that we do not realize how incredibly significant they influence our lives. There are many important elements that have changed American society; for example the television.

Social networking websites play a major role in our generation as time increase. Social networking is all around us any where we go.

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