Sample ojt narrative report

I realized that doing actual works are much easier than analyzing a problem on a textbook. Having my On-the-Job Training was the most exciting and memorable part of my collegiate degree.

Melanio Munoz Teller Mr. But not all the time there are new clients so, I assisted on other areas of the setting. I learned to handle my responsibilities and I also observed proper time management and act with speed and urgency.

Ronnie Peconada Loans Officer Mr. She is always in positive mood, humble and happy. The story can be about anything, and the story is usually told through three to five paragraphs. On August 19,it was authorized to operate an expanded foreign currency deposit unit FCDU and in December granted to operate as expanded commercial bank or universal bank.

Loans shall also be provided to finance trading activities, expansion of ongoing businesses and acquisition of fixed assets. I felt nervous but as the prayer goes on, it felt like God guided me to say the appropriate words.

A Narrative Report of Ojt

To formulate and pursue an educational guidance program that shall be geared towards the realization of guidance services which involve assistance to the individual in making as a human being. Joy in checking and encoding of the Cheque of the members whom it is for their monthly payment in their loan and also I learned how to find the and check the Official Receipt of the customers.

We owe it to our clients, to the banking public, to the nation. It is easy for me to accomplish the jobs they gave me because they always show positivity and it is comfortable to ask questions to them because they never rejected me. Forge collaborative relationship with teacher and students in the implementation of policies, basis for setting disputes.

The following are the organizational values, knowledge and ability that I have taken and developed during our OJT to become Productive Individuals.

My Narrative Report

He shared his experiences as well as his learning in life. I was also taught on how to check and encode the new balmori codes of the members of the coop and other transactions under Sir Jennifer Luyun. It embodies the ideals that we stand for and live by: Alden Sambajon, one of the officers of the Legaspi Branch and was introduced to other employees there.

Parents or other community members, who knew how to do a job necessary for survival, passed their knowledge on to the children through direct instruction.

She was also the HR officer and the one who absorbs the efficient and effective trainees. He taught me the techniques of guidance and counseling.

Suresh Nair and forproviding all facilities and support to meet my projectrequirements. On the proceeding time I was first tasked to do some clerical works like filing and sorting of stock certificates of a different person from the different companies.

And honestly, they are all good in training people. It also helps the students to acquire relevant knowledge and skills by performing in actual work setting. On the first week of my training, I made few mistakes because I am still confuse on how I will going to do some of my duties like what documents do I have to put in clients folder for the managements records and what documents do I have to make for the clients copy.

It was so happy that after the stress of doing the paper works in money matters they also tried to have a break. Clients have to return all of their old receipts to the BIR for disposal and use the new printed receipts. Allied Bank was incorporated under the laws of the Republic of the Philippines on April 11,and granted by the Central Bank of the Philippines the Certificate of Authority to operate as a commercial bank on May 20, What is the purpose of writing a narrative report?

To acquire ability to work harmoniously with employers, workers and customers. I have no regrets of spending my hours of practicum in this office. Chithirai Pon Selvan whoseinvaluable guidance helped me understands the project better. The guidance shall harness its clientele in developing lively individuality, significant interest and a sense of social responsibility.Narrative Report on the Job Training Introduction: Our school, General de Jesus College let us students to engage and experience the things happening in the actual world of Business through our On-The-Job-Training(Internship) in banks, auditing firms, and other business establishments related.

sample of an Ojt Narrative Report. Joem Ojt-narrative Report. Narrative Report. ojt narrative report.

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Narrative Report. Introduction for OJT Narrative report. Narrative Report (on the Job Training) Uploaded by. Clarrissa Cruz. sample of an Ojt Narrative Report. Uploaded by. Charisse Macaraeg. Joem Ojt-narrative Report/5(86).

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Ojt Narrative Report

Final Narrative Ojt Report. Narrative Report (on the Job Training) cargado por. On the Job Training Narrative Report On-the-job training (OJT) is one of the best training methods because it is planned, organized, and conducted at the employee’s worksite.

OJT will generally help the students to increase their productivity and skills. On‐the‐job training (OJT) is defined at WIA section (31). OJT is provided by an employer in the public, private non‐profit, or private sector. Narrative report in ojt 1.

Colegio de San Gabriel Arcangel Founded Bachelor of Science in Accountancy A Narrative Report in On-the-Job Training undertaken at Commission on Audit located at Commonwealth Avenue, Quezon City, Philippines Presented to the faculty head of Accountancy Department Colegio de San Gabriel Arcangel Area E, Fatima V, City of San Jose del Monte, Bulacan .

Sample ojt narrative report
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