Tupac as a role model essay

If he judged a man, he judged them by what they do to or how they treat others. And that his music was not meant to be danced to, but just to be listened to.

They could also listen to the things that Tupac says he does, and then do those things themselves. He openly admitted his flaws in interviews and his rhymes, and was known for being fiercely loyal, almost to a fault. Mike Tyson was the only person I can remember being a millionaire and a real brother.

So Tupac was influencing all of these people. And brought a lot of people to like that. Brothers had it hard back in the day, but brothers were working it out.

They punished him because he never legitimized himself.

Essay: Tupac Shakur

And he was my hero, and I want to be like that. And if there are that many imitators now, there will definitely be a lot in the future. This really helped his popularity. They wanted to be just like him. And when he says all of us, he means all men.

Tupac Essay

He resisted the temptation to write some easy rhyming words and get peoples money. But in an interview with MTV News inthe late rapper expressed eloquently why he wanted no part of the "role model" title he was destined to be tagged with.

But he would never be that, he would always be on the edge, and they hated him for that. He became friends with a couple of popular rap artists like Snoop Doggy Dogg and Dr.

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And he said he believes in reincarnation too. People listened to the music and did what he said he did.

He hung in clubs. He showed his views on the world unlike most other rap artists. Also his unique style of mixing new sounds for a new beat really separated his music from others.

The sometimes enigmatic, always fiery rapper would have been a grizzled veteran looking back with nostalgia at the exploits that made him the model of hip-hop machismo and passion.

People start to dress like him and talk like him if they see him on music videos singing his newest song. And no one can be judged by their skin. He started as a tour dancer but then started rapping live u.

He also influenced many future and present rap artists. And if Tupac believes in non-racism, then the people will believe in that too. He made some songs and music videos with them that made it big on the Billboard charts.Well, this is what this essay is about, the murder of Tupac Shakur, also known as Makaveli.

The murder of Tupac Shakur is a conspiracy topic. A conspiracy is a. Essay: Tupac Shakur Tupac Shakur was a very influential person in 20th century USA. He was born on June 16, in Brooklyn New York, and died on September 13, in Las Vegas Nevada (unknown author, no title, no page, letter code C).

I want to prove that Tupac is worth studing because he a good role model for student. My parent told me to only learn about the good stuff, like helping the adult and others out.

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mi-centre.com A role model is a person whose behavior. Feb 20,  · Real: Tupac Shakur On Being A Role Model () Real: Tupac Shakur On Being A Role Model () Immobilier: Tupac Shakur d'être un modèle de rôle () tupa.

Tupac as a role model essay
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