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Always on time, no problems at all. My freedom is being abridged! Selfhood is also a strong factor in his refusal to continue life in an institution in which most staff members treat him as if he were not a real person. He has been hospitalised for six months because he was in a car accident and is now paralysed from the neck down.

Who has the right over a patient? I, for one, have learnt a great deal from this book, and I think the context the play was written in, is extremely important in understanding the play and the important message behind it. It is about a patient by the name Kan Harrison.

He tries to make everything seem funny, often in a perverted way and he flirts with every female around him. After some revisions, it became perfect. Emerson injects valium into Ken, he refuses but Dr.

Whose life is anyway by Brian Clark Essay

This is the theme of the play. Stage direction reveals small information about the characters such as when Dr. Emerson John Cassaveteswho believes in preserving life no matter what, and so tries to get Ken committed as clinically depressed.

It may even feel like a weight off your shoulders. The genre of this play is a hospital or medical drama. Although there are stage directions in the script, Clark has left room for different interpretations, and I believe this makes the play more exciting, because no matter how many times one reads or watches a production of this play, each time there always going to be something different, and this is why performance and production are important, because they add to the excitement, understanding and interpreting of the text.

Get in touch and we will write excellent custom coursework or essay especially for you. Metaphoric phrases and imagery are used also, to reinforce the key theme of power. As the doctors battle to save him, he battles to die. They engage in reciprocal relationships. Its also shows the dilemmas and emotional conflicts the characters have to deal with, and this can help the audience relate to the characters, thus improving their understanding of the situation.

Emerson who only has Dr. Barr has stated that Ken is able to make his own rational decisions but Dr. This makes it appear that Ken cant win, but it makes the case stronger because even though Dr.

The characters are used to give both sides of the argument. Diane Pretty was a mother who was terminally ill with motor neuron and was expected to die soon. There have been many cases in the media about euthanasia, and many people still feel strongly about it, so it still remains a controversial and popular subject.

Scott changes during the play. Scott changed from a professional doctor into a doctor that respects the patients decision. Oct Summary The sculptor Ken Harrison Richard Dreyfuss is badly injured in a car accident and finds himself in the middle of life permanently paralyzed below the neck and dependent on others for his care and survival.

Whose Life Is It Anyway? The way in which this play is interpreted, depends on many factors, such as the way it is directed, the way the responder interprets the play and the way in which it is preformed.

Who's Life is it Anyway?

The Judge allows him to be discharged because he finds Mr Harrison as a brave and cool man who is in complete control of his mental faculies. If you were a terminally ill patient, would you refuse treatment and asked to be discharged from the hospital, so that u could die in peace?

They are striving to provide the best ever services to the most desperate students that have already lost the hope for academic success. Yet it appears that for some, the call to listen before speaking, to refrain from asserting immediate authority, is so unfamiliar that it feels outrageous.

At the time the play was written, euthanasia was not socially, ethically or morally accepted.Whose life is it anyway play essay Can claim ownership of the nine seasons i teach biography 12, the relevant to get writing apr 30 years of love.

I'm wanting to write in my life. Whose Life Is It Anyway? () Plot. Showing all 1 items Jump to: Summaries (1) Summaries. Ken Harrison is an artist who makes sculptures.

One day he is involved in a car accident, and is paralyzed from his neck down. All he can do is talk, and he wants to die.

Whose life is it anyway? Novelists have their say on cultural appropriation

In hospital he make friends with some of the staff, and they support him when he. The Inner Journey of Ken Harrison in Whose Life Is It Anyway by Brian Clark PAGES 2. WORDS 1, View Full Essay. More essays like this: Sign up to view the complete essay. Show me the full essay. Show me the full essay.

View Full Essay. This is the end of the preview. Sign up to view the rest of the essay. The play "Whose Life Is It Anyway" by Brian Clark was made into a stage play and film.

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The television play was made in and the stage plays in In the play,” written by Brian Clarke, the intense argument of committing Voluntary Euthanasia is discussed.

Ken Harrison is not a normal person. He's not capable of adapting himself to a new lifestyle which causes such dramatically changes as paralysation. By being paralysed, he loses everything of importance for him. His whole life is being physically active, he loves to walk by the beach, he loves the nature, he loves sports, and he loves women.

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