Write an antonym for the word unique

But what on earth is that!!! Another unique thing is its almost total lack of an atmosphere. This factor enables the hexagon to serveas a time- and cost-saver in constructions of various kinds.

What is an antonym for but? A hexagon, which is a six-sided figure or object, is unique inrespect to the number of its sides. Our planet is considered unique, as its the only one we know of that harbours life. What is unique about a ferret?

Are they animals or are the plants!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Words popularity by usage frequency rank. What is singular is odd, but what is odd may not be singular; as, a drawerful of odd gloves.

What is unique about the hexagon? Animals play a massive part in our lives!!


Singular is alone of its kind; as, the singular number. Ferrets do the "weasel war dance" - when they get excited and playing they will hop around, and twist and turn and the sound they make is called "dooking".

A singular coincidence is one the happening of which is unusual; a strange coincidence is one the cause of which is hard to explain. Gemma im 11 Synonyms for unique? There are no antonyms for most usages, but there are for two of the most common meanings.

When something has changed or added in a room, they usually notice right away and have to go investigate. What is an Antonym for when?

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What is unique about archiannelida? And also has the most moons, right now it is said to have 49 moons!! That which is grotesque in the material sense is irregular or misshapen in form or outline or ill-proportioned so as to be somewhat ridiculous; the French bizarre is practically equivalent to grotesque.Each sentence on this third grade reading worksheet has a highlighted word, and kids write in an antonym for the word to complete the sentence.

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Unique antonyms. Top antonyms for unique (opposite of unique) are common, normal and regular. What is the opposite of unique? Need antonyms for unique? How do you pronounce the word unique? Words that rhyme with unique What is the plural of unique?

What is the adjective for unique? What is the adverb for unique? What is the noun for unique? Use our Antonym Finder. Nearby Words. unique cultural characteristic. unique incident. Words for "write" in most I.E languages originally mean "carve, scratch, cut" (cf.

Latin scribere, Greek grapho, Sanskrit rikh-); a few originally meant "paint" (cf. Gothic meljan, Old Church Slavonic pisati, and most of the modern Slavic cognates).

Alike as to formation, aspect, and climate, the Causses are unique in France.' Let it be remembered that this General Conference is a unique body. They have not been fused in the rapture of some unique .

Write an antonym for the word unique
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